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DNA AI COMPUTER- Molecular- Nano 


IIn this PDF you will see where we are today and where this is going and why some targetted individuals are showing signs more prevalent then others in regard to the symptoms of nano poisoning which is impacting dna on levels not seen--- when you look at the data -on speculation from my part in regard to some of the reasons- you will find that the r*d is being done on live subjects--without consent being done at the expense of the general population--new supplements coming out today are meant to hijack and further experiment on dna /nano/ai/molecular computing--after all we are living cells and dna that function as the best operating system with the multitude of variable functions our systems do and now you can see through the federal agenda the impact of dna and carbon c 60 and other things--the terra hertz freq destroy dna and cells and allows for better integration of this tech on a cellular and atomic level--so don't be deceived in buy products like c -60 or hydrogen or anything else that has the ability to either exponentially distort or destroy ones dna ---the experiment has been on going and due to the foods being loaded with nanosilca since the 60s to today's current epigenetic and transgenetic materials in the food supply altering the genetic code and disrupting the dna program----this is all being done--to further study how to turn your dna into hardware for ai--

another speculation--or observation one to make everyone think--if in the georgia guide stones they want 500million and the protocols of zion are saying 600million what will they need people for since ai is already operating everything and machines now can do everything people can do --what would be the point of having people? --the only function they would have is to be the functional hardware for ai operations-data storage -computations  that would exceed petascale or exascale speeds doing parallel computations and it's ability to grow and continue in it's operations in regard to upgrade and learn something to consider in this experiment--the military industrial complex has never had any restraint and could circumvent regulations of exploiting there own citizenry with experimentation --they would even use  health products pharamceutical products radiation tech devices  frequencies or what ever there agenda may be

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